Friday, July 31, 2009

And then there were 3...

Ok so the baby has not come yet and
I so wish i had a picture of a baby in my arms and not in my
Tummy, but since I don't here is the
ever expanding
37 weeks 2 days.

It has been a while since we have done an update, I was hoping the next update would be of the baby but oh well you don't always get what you want :).

I am now 100% off bedrest and have done EVERYTHING to go into labor. Scott and I went to the fair, I have been running, Cleaning, Shopping, lifting, anything active you name it i've done it and look where it got me, still pregnant :).

I have had NO contractions what so ever since I have been off bedrest, and there is no part of me that feels like the baby is coming any time soon. ha ha ha. So part of me is thinking that maybe I should go back to bed and maybe this baby will come:)

So as for now I'm enjoying my time with Scott and actually having alot of fun jumping around and doing normal things, Tonight were going to the place we first met to have a bon fire and roast hot dogs. Maybe that will inspire the baby to come :) but if not I am fine with that. I just now have to tell my self that its ok if i'm pregnant in 5 weeks from now, its best for the baby.

Wish us luck!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little thing called.....

the MOMMY BRAIN!! So here I am laying on the couch looking at peoples blogs. When I hear Scott say,as he is talking to a friend. " We should have you over for dinner after the baby comes."
I looked up at him and said who is that and when is their baby coming?
he just looked at me..... then I realized he was talking about us
and our baby. I didn't even think for a second that he was talking about us, in fact i kind of forgot I was pregnant.
ha ha ha ha oh how great it is to lose your brain for your children.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its finally been set...

Almost one year later but they finally got Josephs headstone in place. These things take a long time to get placed I guess. The funeral home was great and called me the day the headstone was set, Yesterday Friday the 17th, here is what it looks like.

Even though I'm on super strict bed rest I wanted to go see how the newly placed headstone looked so Scott and I took a little field trip, don't tell my doctor ;). I think it looks great, I really don't think we would have done anything different with it because it looks perfect. I also thought I would do a sibling shot. Even though we know Joseph isn't even there I though, "hey why not." So heres my LARGE, and in charge, belly and Joseph

As for a baby update everything is still the same. We haven't had the baby yet but my contractions are getting more Painful/Strong but at least they are not to steady. I just have to last until Wed. and then you will be hearing me say, "BRING IT ON" Pregnancy is great but I'm feeling so tired of it so hopefully going to the Fair, Disneyland, beach, walks, grocery shopping, etc.. will get this baby on the move!!! I just hope that I don't go past my due date which is 32 days away from today,wow, wouldn't that be Ironic. Have a great night and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heres the Scoop...

I thought a picture if Icecream would be great for this post since icecream and pregnant women go hand in hand ;)
So Scott and I have had a pretty crazy week. With my last post I had mentioned I was back on bedrest. Well its only gone down hill from there. Every Day this week we have been in the hospital with contractions and trying to get them to stop.
On Wednesday the doctor decided it was time to take my stitch out since I was already 90% Ephased and i was well on my way to ripping through my cerclage.
After they took my stitch out they sent me home on complete no moving only laying down bedrest. For the next two weeks because the doctor said he will not stop this baby from coming.

Thursday night rolled around and there we were back in the hospital with contractions that were 2 min apart. The doctor told us to head on over to the hospital. As soon as I got there they checked me and I was 100% ephased and dialted to a 1 and in the early stages of labor. Because i'm only 34 weeks and only dialted to a 1 the doctor changed his mind and told the nurse to give me a few different things to stop the labor from progressing.

So now I am home laying flat on my back taking some med. that stops my body from contracting, and just waiting for these 2 weeks to fly by. Once I hit 36 weeks then i'm free to do whatever I want. So i'm hoping that I can keep this little one inside for just a few more weeks so that it doesn't have to spend the first weeks in the NICU.

Hopefully with in the next few weeks you will be reading wethere it is a little boy or girl that we have brought into this world!!! were really excited!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What did the little train say again????


I think they should make a book for pregnant women that goes something like that book. I went into my doctors appointment today and got sent to the hospital to get some ultrasounds and monitoring done because I was having some medium sized contractions and a little bleeding. Come to find out my cervix has gone from its steady 3.4 down to 1.9.....eek. Yes it is normal for your cervix to shorten later on during the pregnancy but at 34 weeks the cervical length should be at 2.5 NOT 1.9. I was discharged from the hospital, after they had gotten my contractions to stop, on one conditiong..........

BACK TO BED REST.....thats right back to bed rest.

Just what every free woman wants to hear right. So yes I should have listened to my sweet husband who told me just to wait 2 more weeks untill the stitch comes out to start doing things. I should have listened to my doctor who told me I could go off bed rest in 2 more weeks......So now i'm just saying I THINK I CAN.... I THINK I CAN.... I THINK I CAN stay on bed rest for 2 more weeks, while my husband says I KNEW YOU SHOULD....I KNEW YOU SHOULD...I KNEW YOU SHOULD.

One bad thing from my adventure off of bed rest is that I now can't do ANYTHING at all for the next 2 weeks because my cervix is now just so short. Before it went baby, cervix, stitch, cervix. NOW it is Baby, stitch, cervix. That means a couple different things, First: It is super uncomfortable for me when ever I have any sort of contractions/braxton hixe or even if the baby moves alot because the stitches pull and rip, and let me tell you it really hurts. Second: It is bad for my cervix, and future pregnancies, if it rips through the stitches, so if I keep contracting, which I will if I do ANYTHING, then the stitch will have to come out, which means the baby will come out, and the baby really needs 2 more weeks to cook. So I have to tell me self I THINK I CAN... I THINK I CAN... I KNOW I CAN....

I am going to say a few more things then i will end this long post.

First: Listen to your husband. He only wants the best for you, and baby in my case :). Second: Listen to your Doctor. He probably knows what hes talking about. Third: 2 weeks isnt' really that long right?!?!?!?. what is 2 weeks in comparision to 20. right?. Fourth: Listen to your Husband he really just loves you. wait did I already say that. I should have listened to you Scott. Love Love.

So I should have listened to Scott and my Doctor. but I can't lie the beach was really really fun :) and so was doing a little shopping and BBQ on the 4th. So I end saying this.



Its all for you my sweet little baby.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Update

It has been a while since I have done a baby update so here we go. I'm now 33 weeks pregnant, and the baby is growing and doing great!! about 3weeks ago we went into the specialist and they measured the baby and this little one was measuring 4 Lbs and about 16 inches. so it makes me wonder how big this little one is now!!!!
As for Bed rest:

  • We are done this weekend, well we actually get the stitch out in 2 1/2 weeks but a while back the doctor told me I could get the stitch out the week after the 4th of July but then must have forgot because he postponed it a full week later so I'm just sticking with what he told me in the first place!!! I can't wait to hit up the beach this weekend for the 4th!!!
  • I only have to get 1 more Progesterone Shot AND
  • I graduated from the specialists office and don't have to go back to see them until our next pregnancy.

So out little one is very shy and is also getting so big and smashed that we haven't been able to get a good ultrasound picture. So I here are some pictures of our little one from the outside.

I know I look so hot in these pictures. Scott was only willing to take one picture ha ha so this is what we got :) It was very late at night and I was just about to go to bed so don't judge :) plus I'm pregnant and don't look glamorous all the time :)


I'm really excited to be almost done, but nervous at the same time. I hate how uncomfortable it is having a baby take up all the space in my stomach and back and sitting on my nerves but I'm not sure how I'll feel with a baby that we will actually have to take care of, our lives are totally going to be 100% different in just a couple weeks.

It really has started to hit me knowing that in a few short weeks we will have a little baby here to take care of. I was thinking about it and I haven't done any birthing classes, I haven't toured the hospital, I haven't gotten any bags packed or thought of what I need at the hospital. I don't have anything for the baby besides a crib, pack and play, and changing table, and our stroller BOB. I just don't know what to think or do. Anyways I just have been thinking that in a short 2 1/2 weeks we could have a baby anytime. its crazy and exciting all in one.

let me know of any tips that you may have for Scott and I as we get closer to having the baby, anything that you have loved having with your newborns and baby's and kids. I know we went through all of this with Joseph but that was just so different, and so unplanned and unexpected and we didn't get to take him home so it was fine that we didn't have anything and didn't know what we were doing. I just can't believe were so close to being done.

Both Scott and I are very excited to have this little one here with us and I seriously can't wait to find out whether this little one is a boy or girl......I'm just dying to know!! Plus I'm tired of calling the baby, IT or LITTLE ONE or BABY. I can't wait to hear your advise!! Thanks :)