Sunday, January 24, 2010

beach baby...

While we had that crazy rain storm we decided that we would go to the beach to see how crazy the waves were.

while we were there Trent got his first taste of sand :) he LOVED it, and can't wait to eat more :)
this is his first time this year to the beach!! yeah next time hopefully it will be warm and not freezing.

I love Scott and Trent. I couldn't ask for a better son or a better husband. Love you guys.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Alright the time has come to jump on the band wagon and go PRIVATE.
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i'll be making the blog PRIVATE the 1ST of FEBRUARY.
We want everyone to see our blog that wants to.
We just don't want people from Jamica or Areas in Africa checking us out.
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Black Out.

Lets talk about RAIN!!! holy cow. If any of you have been watching the weather for California you will know what I'm talking about. for the past week we have just been down poured on. homes are being flooded, streets are being flooded, and we are even getting Tornado warnings. It is so crazy.

this picture does NOT do the rain justice. There are some puddles
that go half way up my leg.
yesterday while Scott and I were out and about we ran into this puddle
that was more like a lake. All 4 tires were in the water and the car was in a pretty
large amount of water. It was really fun, but a little scary because
all the water was splashing up on the windshield making it so we couldn't see AT ALL.
this rain is CRAZY.
Only blocks away from our house people are Kayaking in the roads. Or should I say in what use to be roads and now rivers.
Our House is located right by this drainage ditch, usually this ditch is EMPTY. EMPTY=no water what so ever. Now look at it... it is over half way full. it is INSANE.
This picture shows the amount of water that is pouring into the ditch ALL day.
There are spouts like this located throughout the whole ditch pouring INSANE amounts
of water.

Not only are we dealing with large amounts of water but were also dealing with
yesterday our power was out from 12:00pm to 12:00am
the biggest bummer about that was we missed
This pictures was taken while the power was out. If you look out the
window you can see how dark it is.
No lights were on at all and so it was a little creepy
The rain is suppose to stop tomorrow lets hope the drain can hold 2 more days worth of water :)
Being in this situation with no power and loads of water and Tornado warnings and stuff has really
made Scott and I realize how important getting
our 72 hour kits prepared
and our food storage in order and things like that prepared for situations just like this.
p.s. I know I have been horrible with blogging but I will be better
more posts to come:)

Trent and the dogs.

I seriously can't get nough of this guy!! He is so cute and so funny. He smiles all the time and he LOVES the dogs.

All day he just tries to grab the dogs and he just loves watching them paly togher.

oh man I seriously just LOVE this little guy, and i'm glad that
the dogs love him too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 months already.

Wow has time gone by fast.
Trent is already 5.5 monts old.
I can't believe it. He is just the joy of our life.
He is getting to be just so big and strong

so so so cute!
He is becoming more and more sturdy every day
and he is just starting to be able to sit
up on his own.
oops :)

We Love our baby Trent

Tub Time

what more can i say?? He LOVES the tub.
Rubber Duckie your SO fun!!

He is just so cute We love this little man!