Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm home bring on the bed rest baby

Thanks for all your support guys. Can I say, I LOVE Hotel I mean Hospital Hoag!

I was very lucky and had nurses that looked out for me and got me only the best room!I had a million dollar view it was amazing!!! I had an ocean view and a corner room so it was huge!! We were planning on getting dischared around 6:00 pm but I was having some really bad contractions and also the spinal tap hadn't worn off yet making it so I couldn't walk. I was a site to see when they told me I had to get up and try to walk and use the rest room. It felt like I didn't have legs, it was a really weird feeling. As 6 had come and gone the dr told the nurses that we were going to have to spend the night so I could be monitored. They didn't want the the contractions to get wores but if they did I would be there in the hospital and they could take care of and problems.

They moveed me from my grand Ocean View suite to the next floor up where I then had a view of the other side of the hospital, that wasn't such a grand view but oh well it is a hospital not a hotel right. By morning I didn't have as much pain and the dr came in to talk to Scott and I. He told us we coudln't take any more pain pills and if I start contracting again then they will have to take out the stitch that was just put in place. That is something we don't want so that means we are on some pretty strict bed rest.

So as of now I am at home board ON my butt and I can't do anything untill I talk to my dr and he checks everything out.

Plus by the way I have the most amazing husband!!! Scott did everything for me and is still doing everything for me. He is so amazing and so far is loving taking care of me while I can't do anything. We will see how long that last :) Thanks again guys and if any of you have fun ideas of things to do on bed rest I would love to hear them:)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amys Surgery Update

Ok Amy's surgery was today. We have been getting lots of calls asking how it went. Well we have come across a few little complications. I just ran home to get some stuff and am just about to head back to the hospital to be with Amy. I am going to make this a fast blog. But this way you all aren't wondering why we haven't called you back yet. We showed up at 10:30 am and the surgery was scheduled for about 12. During the surgery she started feeling everything they were doing and that wasn't good. They had to stop, remove all the surgical stuff and redo the spinal tap. The anesthesiologist said that in his entire career of over 25 years he has never had to do a spinal tap twice. So that was weird. We were told that the recovery is usually about 2 to 3 hours even with two spinal taps and that she wouldn't have any real pain because of the surgery. Well 6 hours after the surgery she had still not regained movement of her lower body and she was experiencing some major pain and contractions. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 she was saying it was a 7 to 8. The pain seems to be getting worse also. We thought we would be home by 3 or 4 at the latest today. We are now spending the night at the hospital. We are hoping the pain and any contractions slow down and stop. If things go the way we hope they do then we will probably be home before noon tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers and calls.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Billy the Dog

This is Billy. Our friend Jennifer came to Cali for a visit and took this picture of him and I think it is so funny and cute. Ha ha dogs are funny animals. As soon as that Chihuahua movie comes out Scott, Billy, and I are going to sit down and watch it as a family :). OH I just love our billy dog. He is a funny little dog.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day Scare.

Valentines is usually full of Flowers and Love and Candy and Kissing and Loving. Last year Scott made me a Beautiful Breakfast. French Toast and ham and bacon and eggs. The cute thing was he made everything like a heart. Sadly we weren't married yet. So this year I was so excited I was going to make Scott the best breakfast in bed ever!!!! Just as I was about to go to the Store to buy the supplies to make Valentines so wonderful I started having some small contractions. They slowly got worse and worse. I told Scott and we called our Dr. I felt bad because it was like 8:30. We told him what was going on and he told me to go to the ER to get an Ultrasound to make sure everything was OK. We waited in the waiting area for about an hour. The contractions staying the same. They finally let us into a room. We got some blood tests done and also an ultra sound and everything was just fine. I'm not sure why I was contracting. We were finished up with the Ultrasound and by 10:30-11:00 ish yet we didn't get to leave the hospital until 3:00 am. Scott and I turned and looked at each other with grouchy faces and said Happy Valentines. We were both sooo tired and upset that we were still there.
We finally left and as we were getting discharged the guy letting us go went over a couple things. Like I needed to call my Dr. to tell him I was here. Also if the pain got worse to call him and go into his office. He also Said, "Now it looks like your HCG levels are really high in your blood." We said uhh thanks and left. As soon as Scott and I got out outside we started busting up laughing. I don't think they realized I was Pregnant or something. The HCG level is the level of the hormone the baby gives off. So if your HCG level is high then that jsut means you are pregnant. The ER Dr. also prescribed me some med. and then said, "oh wait your pregnant you can't take that so take this one instead." When we got there Scott knew the ER probably wouldn't understand my condition because they don't see it often so when the Dr came in Scott wasn't hesitant to basically just tell the dr what we needed to do. Scott said, "We need to just get in an have an ultrasound to check the length of the cervix" Scott said "I will be able to tell if its made any change from our last ultra sound. If its long then we are ok. if its shorter than the last time we saw it then we need to get on the phone with our baby specialists right away for an emergency cerclage surgery" Way to take charge babe. We sure love our hospital but after that experience I'm not sure we can ever really trust the knowledge of the ER Doctors. It was pretty funny. But there went our Valentines. I didn't get breakfast for Scott and he didn't get me anything. Sunday morning I tried making up for it and made breakfast in bed so its the thought that counted right?!? I hope you all had wonderful and eventful Valentines Day!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So I was supposed to have my cerclage put in tomorrow....BUT my Doctors nurse didn't call the specialist in time to get it set up for the 16th. I'm pretty bummed so I am getting it put in on Tuesday I think its the 23th. I am getting a little bit nervous since i'll be 15 weeks and the surgery is supposed to happen between 13-14 weeks. The Dr. thinks every thing will be fine. I've been a nervous reck. We have already gotten 2 emergency ultra sounds because I was having some contractions and we needed to make sure the cervix wasn't opening/thinning. I think I am going to go crazy!!! I can't wait to have the peace of mind of having that cerclage in place and then I KNOW this baby isn't coming untill the due date!!! I will also have ultra sounds ever two weeks and a Dr apt ever two weeks. I will have nothing to worry about. Now I just have to stay calm and be patient untill I get the surgery next week. Here are some picture of how the baby is growing... we find out in about 3-5 weeks what the babys sex is. Boy or Girl the baby will have alot of friends and cousins :)

I just love this baby!

This baby is a stong little one!! I feel it moving already almost every single day!! I didn't Fell Joseph untill I was about 17 weeks. Maybe I just know what to feel for this time around. We love this little baby!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That Genius Brain of Mine

AMY: Scott is there Groundhogs day in California?
SCOTT: Amy of course there is Groundhogs day in California, Groundhogs day is everywhere.
AMY: I KNOW THAT...but is it going to be cold because the groundhog saw his shadow? How can it get cold in CALIFORNIA?

To answer my wonderful question YES GROUNDHOG DAY DOES HAPPEN IN CALIFORNIA.
Ever since Groundhogs day it has been POURING rain. I feel like I live in Washington or something. Not only has it been POURING but it has been FREEZING...I have had my heater on. I hope that this passes because I'm tired of feeling like I live in Washington. I want to feel like i'm living in California because I DO. I'm ready for it to be in the 80's again no more of this 50's stuff it is just too cold.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Delicious Holiday Sweets!

These will be the death of me this Holiday season. I can't seem to contain my self when it comes to eathing these delicious candies. I eat them by the bag'S 'plural'. got to love the cadbury eggs!

Monday, February 2, 2009

February 16

What is SOOOOO Great about February 16th you ask? Well only a Few things.

1. My Beautiful Sister JANE'S Birthday

2. One month after my Wonderful Mothers Birthday!

3. Two Days after Valentines Day 4. 6 months and 10 days to my Birthday

5. The day I get my CERCLAGEScott and I are so excited!!! We can't even wait. Were excited and can't wait we are so excited to have a little baby!!!