Monday, August 25, 2008

The test results are back.

Today Scott and I went in for our 2 week check up after having our little joseph. When baby Joseph was born we had them do some chromosome test to see if there was something wrong with Joseph and if that is why he came 4 months early. Our Dr Gladly told us that little Joseph was 100% perfect! It made me so happy to hear that my little boy was perfect. The Dr also told us that 13 weeks after we get pregnant next time that i am a perfect candidate to have a surgery where they stitch part of my cervix, that way i can hold a baby to full term. Because i have a week cervix i am high risk, which means i go to my regular Dr once a month and I go to a specialist once a month. That means 9 or more ultra sounds and alot of extra attention:), and I just love attention. ha ha ha ha.

Scott and I are doing good and were happy to know that when we want to have a baby all we will have to do is one little thing and then get a stich in my cervix;) oh I just love my husband and i can't wait to see him with our 2nd baby because i know that he is the best dad ever. thank you all for your prayers and support. This has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through and my testimony has grown so much, and hearing all of your testimonies and knowing that so many loved ones have been praying for us has helped me so much. We love you all and appreciate all you have done for us. I know that Scott and I will be able to raise baby Joseph, we just can't raise him right now. I am happy to know that we have a perfect little boy that will always be watching over our family. Mommy and Daddy love you baby Joseph and miss you xoxoxo. all of you preo women out there give your tummy an extra rub and love for scott and I, and make sure you let your baby know it is loved, and everyone with kids give them an extra hug and kiss from Scott and I and let them know how precious they are. xoxox we love you all and thank you for all you have done for Scott and I.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Drive

Scott and I finally have decided to sucome to the world of California and got a fast trac. Good bye Toll Booths, Hello monthly bill!!! :)

Scott and I decided that today would be a great day to go as a Family and take a Sunday drive. Since we just got our fast tracs we decided to take the toll road all the way down to Dana Point, which is by Capo. We drove down to the dana point tide pools and had a lot of fun walking on the beach and along all of the rocks but sadly the tide was in so we didn't see any cool animals but it was so nice to be with my sweet husband. Over the past couple of weeks life has been so busy, having a baby and planning his funeral, having people over, dealing with our emotions, etc it was nice to sit by the ocean and feel the calming breeze and just being with Scott.
The tide pools is in this really quiet place that is right by the side of a rocky mountain. Scott was so cute he was rather afraid that this mountain of rocks were going to land right on his head so i wanted to take a picture of him being afraid. ha ha ha oh i have the cutest husband ever!!

When we were walking back to the car after trying to find some sort of animal life, but not finding any i saw this awsome king of the hill rock. I told scott to go up and climb it and be king of the Rock, he only did it because i told him we could blog about it. He is so stiken cute i seriously love him. After I took some sweet pictures of him i decided i would go up and join him. It was nice to be sitting so high up and being able to watch the waves come in and break on the rock. It was so nice being just with my Sweet husband relaxing and letting all the worries of the world wash away. Scott I love you so much and I am so happy that I am married to you. I wouldn't want to go through this with out you. I am amaized at how strong you are. I love you.

Dinner anyone?

So I decided that I would be an awesome wife to my amazing husband and make him dinner!!! parmasan chicken is one of his favorite meals that i make so I got everything ready and dinner was going to be done around 5 o clock right when Scott would be home from work. I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and was ready to cook the chicken. Just a side note, We had some people over jack hammering our floor in our bathroom, that is another story for another day. So as these guys were jack hammering about i started smelling smoke but i just thought it was the jack hammer so i didn't think anything of it. Well all of the sudden i walked into the kitchen to put the chicken into the oven, and the oven was on FIRE!!! yes fire. I started feaking out and din't know what to do i thought i was going to burn the house down. I hurried and called scott and told him what was happening. He told me to turn the oven off and just let it burn out. so I hurried and turned off the oven and waited for the fire to go out. All this time I was thinking how is the oven on fire? Well when the fire finally burned out I found the culpret.... earlier that day I had put our little dog Billys Food container and placematt in the oven becuse i never use the oven and i didn't want to put the dirty dog stuff on the table. Of course i forgot they were in there and i cooked them, and it turned into a plastic mess. I still wanted to have dinner ready for Scott when he got home from work so I rushed to a fast food place and got take out, so our beautiful home made dinner turned out to a funny take out dinner. my advise to eveyone is to NOT put anything in your oven that you don't want to cook!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Precious Baby Boy

Amy and I would like to thank you for your prayers and support in this difficult time. If you are not aware our sweet little baby boy was born 4 months premature on Aug 11 at 1:29 am. Everything was going fine but on sat afternoon all of a sudden Amy doubled over having major contractions. I rushed her to the hospital and by the time we got there she was already dilated to 4. One third of the amniotic sac had dropped down into the vaginal canal and then eventually the cervix closed over it. We had specialists look at her and they said that trying to push everything back up in was just too risky for Amy. They said complications were likely and may result in loss of our ability to have more children or Amy's life. They said that there wasn't anything else they could do. After about 2 days of major pain and hoping for a miracle we took her off of the medication that stops contractions and she eventually went into labor. Joseph Scott Gneiting was born at 1:29 in the morning to Amy Joy and Scott Joseph Gneiting. He was 10 inches long, 10 oz and he was perfectly formed. He was so beautiful. His little hands, and feet and everything were perfectly formed but his lungs and organs just needed a few more months. Just before he was born we could hear his heart beating perfectly. He passed away while going through the birth canal. We spent many hours just holding him and taking pictures.
We have learned that Amy has a condition they call an "incompetent cervix." That means once the baby is heavy enough the cervix can no longer hold the weight of a baby and opens. This conditiona can not be detected until something like this happens. We are positive that a simple procedure of stitching two stitches in the cervix at about 14 weeks will likely allow us to carry our next babies to full term. Amy will likely be on bed rest the entire pregnancy.
We would like to invite each of you to the funeral services of our little boy. The funeral will be held this Saturday at 10:00 am in the Newport Beach LDS Chapel. Interment will immediately follow just a few miles away at Pacific View Cemetery. Following interment we are holding a luncheon for everyone back at the church. Please come and eat and help us memorialize the birth of our first son. Please let us know if you are able to come, we hope you can make it. Again we would like to thank you for your prayers and support. They have helped so much. We love you all.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WE ARE HAVING A..........


We are so stiken excited!!!!! We will have a little Scott Jr!!! here are some more pictures of our ultra sound. Everything looks really good and healthy, which we are really greatful for. It was fun we had my mother-in-law in town and also my little sister Micaela so they were able to see the ultra sound. They saw Scott Jr. moving all over the place it was so cute we saw his toes and his spine and his face and fingers. it was so amazing!!! I am so excited to be a mom, nervous, but excited. So Scott and I are thinking of names but if any of you have some names that you like we would love to hear them!!!

sorry that we have been such great slackers on our blog it seems like we have had so much going on. I just got back from a vacation visiting my family in Utah and Scott has been working like crazy but were really so excited to let everyone know what we are having. I am also starting to look pregnant, which is fun and not so fun. I feel like i am getting this really big belly but when other people see me they just think i am fat, thats that not so fun part, but I love that i am feeling the baby almost every day and looking at my belly moving. It is so much fun! We will be updating our blog more offten so don't forget to check us out.