Saturday, September 19, 2009

StoRy TiMe

I walked up stairs the other day to find Scott reading to Trent.... They were so cute bonding together. The funny part of the matter is he wasn't reading him just any book.....NO

ha ha ha ha... Trent is going to be one smart kid just like his dad.
Also notice that he is also sporting a company onesie
He is one our best Sales Guys!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


M.O.B: Missing on Blogger.I have been a total slacker on the blog i know it. work has been really busy and we also went on a vacation to utah, pictures to come, but here are some cute pictures of "The Boy" untill I get pictures from this weekend. Heat Wave... Need I say more?
I'm glad it is finally cooling offTub a little too small???
When The Boy was born he didn't love baths but now he does.
and yes we have upgraded from that little plastic containor and now
have an AMAZING real baby tub!!
I LOVE IT,and so does The Boy.
thanks Steph and Ian.
As for how were all doing, Scott is doing awesome just working away and growing
our businesses,
I'm loving being a mom and loving figuering out how to jugle work and a baby,
The Boy, is just growing so much every day is becoming more of a little person
every day!
Last but not least the Dogs, all i can say is AHHHHHH.
they may not be with us much longer;) the dogs are driving me insane
but we love them anyways hopefully they become more use
to The Boy being here and stop destroying my house.
More to come soon!!!