Sunday, March 30, 2008

The secret Honeymoon has come!!!!!

Amy made it clear that when we went on our honeymoon she wanted to be completely surprised and in just a few hours a complete surprise is what she is going to get!

Ok so here is the scoop. (She will not know exactly what is going on until about 8:00 this morning when our plane takes off so don’t be calling her or anything!!) I’m going to wake her up with a kiss at about 3:30 this morning and tell her she might want to pack some clothes because we are going on our honeymoon!!!!! After she jumps up all excited she will say “O baby, where are we going!!? Are you for real!!?” Following a few screams and a big hug I’m going to tell her “Vegas baby, Vegas!!!” (Vegas is where she thinks we are going) She will be so excited, but inside she will be saying “O Crap, Vegas Sucks!!” hahahah. Then off we will be to the airport to fly to Vegas. I’m so excited to see what happens when she realizes her plane ticket says Orlando Florida, Disney World, 7 days, Baby yeah!

As some of you know we have not gone on an actual Honeymoon yet. Because of work and the businesses we didn’t feel comfortable leaving for two weeks all at once, or so I made Amy think. The truth is, Disney World Florida is very very very busy the week before and after Easter. Had we gone right after our wedding we would have had really long lines and the experience would not have been as fun. Amy and I LOVE Disneyland, we have had season passes since the first week we meet and we go almost weekly. So Disney World and all the other parks and stuff I have planned will be lots of fun. We have some out of this world dinner reservations. She is going to love it!!!!!! Good times.

Amy has been telling people she thinks we are going to Las Vegas and then maybe Saint George or something. I told her we need to save money and so we would probably do something less expensive for our honeymoon. But we have the rest of our lives to save money, so saving money will commence in 7 days following our return. Until then its no hold!!

There is a Pizza Expo in Vegas so my business partner and I have been talking about that for months. I totally made her think Las Vegas was going to be part of our honeymoon (How romantic!!! NOT!!!). So I have been staging this for months now. I have even told her about all the stuff I needed to do this week at work so she wouldn’t become suspicious. We are staying at a Disney World Resort for 7 days. This has been so hard to keep quite. I am so excited I can’t hold it in anymore!!!! More info to come!!

You might not want to call us for like 7 days.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Go check out this blog. Its our Photographer from the wedding. She was so awsome. Let us know if you need a Photographer.

Monday, March 17, 2008

We are married! More pictures to come as soon as we can find the time, haha.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What we are doing now

Wedding plans have just about taken us to an early grave. Well people keep asking what in the world we are doing in Newport Beach California of all places. We met here a year and a half ago. You can read more about that in a later blog. But currently we enjoy the weather and when we are not doing that Scott works for a forensic accounting firm called Hagen, Streiff, Newton, Oshiro (HSNO). He really loves it. The work is different and interesting. The firm is on of the top forensic firms and is headquartered in Newport Beach with offices throughout the country. Scott is in the Newport Beach office. Forensic accounting is not your typical accounting. They do cool stuff involving corporate fraud, large business losses due to fire and natural disasters, etc. He gets to travel a little and see really cool stuff. Like his last trip to him to help value the loss of a rocket used to take satellites to space. It had a problem during testing and blew up. He loves it his work and is learning a lot.

As for myself, I work for Scott oddly enough. Scott started a pest control company years ago when in college and still owns it. I am the office manager and handle the day to day stuff while Scott is at work. He has trained me to handle just about everything. It’s a good size company. I have never done this kind of work before but Scott says I’m a natural at running an office. I really enjoy it. From time to time I have to jump in my cute pest control truck and go service homes when technicians are not able to for whatever reason. Its good to get out and get some fresh air. Scott has the company set up so I can access the office network right from my truck its sweet. As time goes on I will be able to run this company right from our home.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Scott and Amy togther for the first time!

How we met.

Ok so here is the cutest story ever. Scott and Amy met Aug 11, 2006, at the Jarvie/Newport Cost singles ward/San Onofre beach party. Neither Scott nor Amy really wanted to go to the party that day but felt they should anyways, a choice that would change their lives forever. As Scott pulled up to the booth to pay the entrance fee at the beach he noticed two cute gals in the car in front of him. The car was a little black dodge neon with Utah plates. “They must be going to the same place I am” said Scott to himself. One of the two gals (Amy) characteristically made a pass at the young man in the booth, an attempt for free entrance to the beach. Unsuccessfully, they paid and off they were.

Scott proved to be the athletic one at the beach that day and became forever known as “Surfer Scott” by Bishop Jarvie after he caught and rode his first ever wave attempt. Amy became the Beach Babe, like sharks to bait all the guys totally surrounded her but Scott kept his distance. If singles wards were a meat market Amy would have been the fresh juicy New York Strip. Fresh meat, as the young bachelor likes to call it and Scott has now admitted his attention had been peaked.