Thursday, November 17, 2011

2nd large Gneiting family update

well I guess you didn't have to wait to long to read this update... while I am in the blogging spirit I better just get the whole year out of the way!! so where did we leave off.... that right SUMMER!!!

So we got Trent a y-bike for Easter and he HATED it. so we took it back and got a specialized bike! lets just say all he wants to do is ride his "bikey"

We also went on a little family Vacation. It was a road trip up the coast all the way to San Fransisco. It was fun we stopped at a few fun places and got to go over the Golden Gate Bridge see all the cool San Fransisco hills and so on.

Here are just a few ways have have learned to keep cool during the summer...

Memorial Day! This has always been a special day for me. Having a day to remember my Grandparents who have passed away. But when Joseph passed away It has made Memorial day even more special. Even though we remember our son every day It is nice to have a special day for him and all the other people that we love who have passed on. It was Great going up to the Joseph grave and placing flowers and a flag on his grave stone. It will be a good way to help our other kids remember their brother. xoxo

Happy 4th of July!! What a Fun day this was. We started off the day by going to the church and having breakfast! On our way home from breakfast we decided to stop by the Mariners park, well little did we know but there was a HUGE carnival going on at the park! So instead of going and playing on the swings we got to go to a fun carnival! couldn't of asked for a better surprise. Then we came home lit our own fire works then decided to head down to Newport Dunes and watch the fire work show. It was Fantastic. We sat right at the water so trent went "swimming" while we watched the fire works. My favorite part was just laying on the beach with my 2 boys and enjoying our freedom! I love the USA.

Happy Birthday to my swee Husband!!! July 24th is not only Pionear day but it is Scott's birthday! I'm so glad I'm married to Scott. I think I got pretty lucky. You rock sweet heart.

Next on the Birthday Line up is Trent! He Turned 2 on Aug 7!! my little man is growing up. We had a ton of fun. First we started off my having a Birthday party and my sister Kathryn and her kids were there to celebrate as well as Trents "Mauna" Grandma Gneiting. Then we had a Party where we invited all of Trents friends and they had a blast sliding down a bouncy slide! So glad to have my sweet little 2 year old! Love you Trentster.

next birthday is our sweet little Joseph Aug 11!! He would have been turning 3! We went and got some flowers and balloons and took them to his grave and when we came home we had a little party just me Trent and Scott. We miss our little guy and not a day goes by that I don't think of him xoxo

alright Next up is the OC Fair! We went to the Fair with our Friends Emily and Rob! It was so much fun they have a little guy who is 6 months older than Trent and they are BEST OF FRIENDS. We loved the fair and we loved the company! can't wait for the fair next year!

Alright more posts to come because we still have so much to talk about! more to come later! It may come in a few min or tomorrow....but it will come!