Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot Wife!!

Do i have the Hottest wife or what? She is so amazing! I love her smile!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

HaPPy HaLloWeEn!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Hope things don't get to scary this year!!!

i got this picture from a friends post and thought it was the funnest thing ever, and had to post it too. thanks Carly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

a wonderful run

Toinght I decided after work that i wanted to go for a run up to Josephs grave. I wanted to also decorate his grave for halloween. Josephs grave is probably 3.5 miles from our house. I ran to the store first so that i could buy some flowers and some pumpkins. I wish i had brought my camera so i could have taken a picture of his grave but i didn't want to run with a camera. So as i was running my feet started to totally hurt, I have not really exercised or gone for a run since i had the baby, but i kept running and just figured I just had to get over the pain and keep running. And i had forgotten my phone so I couldn't call Scott to come and pick me up, so I figured better not look at the damage if I would just have to keep running. I finally got home and took off my shoes and i saw this....

it is a little sore and I will forsure have to wear bandaids next time but its not going to stop me from running I am totaly ready to get this baby weight gone!!

I thought picture was pretty awesome because my leggs look really skinny!!! thank you Grandma Kiser! It also really fun to go for a run and to go and visit Joseph it has been a while since I have been up there. OH and while I sitting my Josephs grave i saw all of thes little bunnies. It was so much fun.. some of you know where joseph is buried but everyone else i'll tell you. Joseph is buried in the childrens section of the semetary and so there are lost of flowers and stuffed animals and it is always full of color so it is really nice to have him in such a nice neighborhood. :) anyways when ever i go there are always loads of bunnies hopping around, probably because they have all the flowers they could imagen to eat. but I really love that there are bunnies hopping around the graves because I can just imagen if Joseph was alive he would chase the little bunnies all over and look at me and smile, ya know that cute little smile that little kids do when they are having so much fun. I know that when we have more kids we will always bring them to chase the bunnies and to visit their brother.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A throw of Ignorance

Toinght Scott and I decided that we would spend our evening standing on corners holding up signs saying "VOTE YES ON PROP 8!" as we were standing there we got lots of cheers and people honking in excitement and acceptance that we were out standing up for what is right!! Scott and I were standing with probably 10 other people from our ward everyone one with a sign in hand and on each corner at the interscetion there was a group of 10 holding up signs. As we were standing there all of the sudden we herd a yell and a splatter and as I looked at my feet i saw a broken egg and i looked up and there was a car driving by throwing rotten eggs at all of us but non of the eggs hit us!! they probably threw 5 or 6 eggs and no one got hit.

i thought that was really crazy because we were like 2 feet away from the car. we totally had a bubble around us protecting us. Heavenly Father is on our side. I will have to say it would have totally stunk if i got hit by that egg and i'm not even kidding it was right by my feet. the people who are against prop 8 passing are very rude and ignorant and should not throw eggs at people who stand on the corner. ya know you don't see us throwing eggs at them. plus who drives around with rotten eggs in their car??? any ways that is probably our most exciting news that we have lately, who know what tomorrow will bring!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My life after the baby.

So I have realized that life is crazy after having a baby, but not in the normal way obviously. So I have come to the realization that my life is a total rollercoaster!!! some times i have the most amazing highs and some of the most horrible lows, it is very crazy but totally normal. Today is a wonderful day!! I have been thinking about Joseph alot and going through pictures and remembering what a wonderful son he was. I have such a wonderful son and I am so greatful for how close he brought Scott and I together, and because of Joseph, Scott and I have now realized how important it is to have a family. I am really glad that Joseph was our little suprise honeymoon baby, if he wouldn't have come and if we would have followed our plan and waited 3 or 4 years to start our family we wouldn't have found out about my condition and it would have set us back in having children to raise that much longer. I am just so greatful for everything that has happened. Of course I wish that I was still pregnant but I am happy to know that I will be able to raise Joseph and that is really comforting.

One thing that I think is so awesome is seeing how much kids look like their parents. When Joseph was born the first thing that Scott and I noticed was that Joseph has my hands, my wrinkly grandma hands, and he has Scotts most handsome nose, my lips, and i wasn't quite sure whos ears he had. It was so much fun to see what Scott and I had created. I love my son and I am so greatful to be his mom. I am also excited to try again to have another little one, I am really greatful for doctors and insurance and all of this advanced med. with out it I wouldn't be able to have kids at all.

I love Joseph and I feel so proud to be his mom. I am so great ful that when we do have more kids to raise that they will have an older brother who will always be watching over them. Its nice to know that we have our little angle watching over us all the time. Joseph wasn't with us for very long but he has changed our lives dramatically and I know that he has changed lives of many other people. I Just am feeling so proud right now and I am always so proud to be a mom and to have such an amazing and such a perfect son. I know that life is never going to be easy and I know that a part of my heart will always be broken because so much of me was taken but for this moment in time I am greatful that I am having this positive outlook on everything. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but I don't even care about tomorrow because today is great and I have a great husband, a great son, I know that the gospel is true and that throught the attoinment we can all be healed. I am so greatful for Joseph, I miss him alot but I am so proud of him. Being a mom is one of the most amazing things that could have happened to me and as being a mom I am very proud of my son! I have a perfect child that i totally love so much. I hope everyone has a great day.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


President Monson has asked that everyone in the church add on their blogs, facebook, etc. something about Proposition 8 in California. We must pass Prop 8. This is a proposition to the Constitution of California to define marriage between one man and one woman. The failure of Prop 8 to pass means more than just gays to be married. We will be adding a few websites to our blog that the church has prepared to help us with this.

This is very important. Important enough that Salt Lake had a special satellite broadcast to all church houses in California to encourage us to vote yes of Prop 8 and to do all we can to educate others to do the same.

More to come!!!

You may not live in califorina but people who view your blogs or your family and friends blogs do.

We have an opportunity to actually do something to stand up for what we know is truth!

Monday, October 6, 2008

my little buddy!

So this past little while billy has been my little buddy!!! He lets me dress him up, and actually loves it, and he snuggles me and he even come with me on errends. I'm very greatful that I have my little buddy Billy, he has really been a comfoter for me. Now all I have to do is convince Scott that we need another little puppie for me to take care of, and so that billy can have a friend when I want to be with Scott.
billy didn't really know what to think about the camera he was kinda afraid of it.
i will have to say billy loves to go out but he doesn't always want to be contained to the small area of the purse and trys to jump out sometimes and it makes me a little bit upset at him:)
I just love my little buddy billy he is so cute and always looks up to me i'm glad that i am his mommy and i know that Scott is so glad that he is his daddy.