Saturday, November 29, 2008


Scott and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We were invited to Scotts bosses house and the dinner was wonderful. It was very nice to not have to cook, Thanks Ede. Before and after dinner we looked through the paper to see if there were any good deals that were worth waiting in line all night for. I love finding good deals and the day after Thanksgiving sale is always the best. After not finding anything to amazing we decided we would go out shopping but just for the fun of it, but not to buy anything, is that possible? Well a few good deals later we had spent way to much money but I am super stoked!!!!! I got the most amazing gift for Scott, and I got a bunch of sewing stuff. I'm going to make our christmas stockings and some other fun stuff, i'm super excited. I'll post pictures of my sewing set up later it is awesome!!! We're both super excited to invite the christmas spirit into our home! I love chrismas it is my all time favorite holiday. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tag I'm It!!

So my wonderful mother-in -law, who I will have to say is the best mother in law you could ask for, has tagged me. Thanks mom. The tag is pretty easy this is it: I had to post the 4th Picture in my 4th folder. Super easy! **This is it!!** a week and a half ago my friend Amy Stallings came down to visit me for the weekend and our friend Gary Lu took us out surfing!! it was alot of fun. I didn't take this board out it was to big for me but it has a cool design so Amy and I both took pictures with it. I took a smaller board out that was like 7 feet. this board is i think like 9 feet or something. it is a beast!!!

Now I Tag:
Katie Taggart
Jane Gracey
Natalie Jensen
Lindsey Driggs
Amy Stallings
Mandy Wheeler
Carly Streiff
Melissa Kiser
and everyone else that wants to do this tag! Its Fun!
**Remeber 4th picture in your 4th folder, and explain what the picture is**

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My SMOKIN HOT husband

Ok so I am just sitting here at work and thinking, "I have the best husband ever" so I thought I would write a blog for him!!! right now Scott is gone on a business trip and so I have been home alone and it has been quite lonely. I just really love my smokin hot Husband. He always makes me laugh, makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, would do anything for me, treats me like a Queen, puts up with watching spongebob, i like cartoons ok, puts up with wathing my re-runs of Americas Nest Top Model!, i love that show :). He is so amazing!! thanks sweetie for all of your hard work. i am so lucky that i married him he is so handsome. I was also looking at our wedding pictures and I think it is crazy we have been married for 8 months. sometimes i wonder where time has gone.

Oh I love being married to you Scott and I can't believe it has been 8 months wow. I know thats not very long but man we have gone through alot and it seems like yesterday we were opening up craigos, and trying to get everything ready to get married!!! It has been alot of fun today remembering our suprise honeymoon, which was amazing;), your suprise purposal. sometimes i forget that we are still newly weds and today has been fun thinking about all of those fun times, and it gets me excited to spend forever with you. I love you sweetheart and I know there will never be a dull moment with you. Thanks for all you do for me. I love you and can't wait for you to get back from your trip!!! xoxox

Monday, November 17, 2008

Grandmas are the greatest!!!

This weekend was so much fun!!! After Scott took me to see Wicked (see the post before this one) we went to Utah to see my Grandma. She was just diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor and might not live to much longer, but who knows miracles happen. It was so much fun to see grandma and talk to her she is really so amazing. It was sad because by the time we got there and were able to get to grandmas house she had already gone to bed and Scott had an early morning flight the next morning back to Newport. So he was not able to see her but I was able to stay for a few more days.

Months ago when I got married Grandma was so cute and came up with a couple of my aunts to my wedding in rexburg idaho in the Rexburg Idaho Temple.

On the way up they stopped to eat at one of mine and Scott's restaurants Craigos Pizza in Pocatello Idaho. We had just opened that location a few days prior. Grandma calls it Grekos for some reason, ha ha. Well anyways she really liked the food as most smart intelligent people do.
So back to the story. When I showed up at grandmas house she said, "Amy where is my Grekos?" and I laughed and said well i guess I will have to special deliver you some, and we both laughed and kept talking, after all Pocatello is like 3 hours away. After I left grandmas house I text Scott and said grandma really wants some Craigos Pizza. About twenty minutes later Scott(in Newport Beach California) with his way of doing thing called me and said he had pulled a few strings with a shuttle company In Idaho. There is a shuttle service that takes people to and from areas in Idaho and Utah. I guess he offered to feed everyone on of the shuttle if they would deliver some pizzas from Pocatello Idaho to Utah. Needless to say pizza from Grekos (AKA Craigos) would be delivered to Grandmas the next day at 2:00. I called Grandma up and asked her what her favorite pizza was and said delisious Grekos pizza is on its way, she was so excited!!! My flight was supposed to leave early in the morning before the pizza was delivered. Scott switched my flight so I could pick up the pizza and enjoy a special delivery dinner with my Grandma. The cool thing is it was still hot when we got it. It was so much fun. I am seriously so glad that Scott did that for me and Grandma. It was so nice to just be with her. My sister Jane and I were there for almost 2 hours eating amazingly good Grekos (AKA Craigos) Pizza and talking. We would have stayed longer but I had to leave to make my flight.
I have such a cool family and I love that I married Scott. I love how he takes care of me so well and makes sure I build memories with family. I am kinda jealous of Grandma because she will see and take care of my little Joseph while he is away from us. I know, what a dumb thing to be jealous of right. but at least I know Joseph is in good company with Grandma Kiser, Grandpa Driggs and soon Grandma Driggs. I love family and I love the gospel. It is so comforting knowing those we loose are up there waiting for us.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The most FUN weekend ever!!!!

Ok so I have the most amazing husband ever!!!! last weekend our business partner and his wife from Craigos Pizza come to visit us. Scott decided to suprise us with a nice dinner. I had no idea where we were going and really i didn't even know that we were going to a dinner untill like 10 min before we left. Anyways we went to this really REALLY good restaurant in hollywood called Musso & Frank Grill this is a really old restaurant that has really amazing food, it has been around for like 100 years and the menu hasn't really changed, accept for the prices. While we were enjoying dinner scott all of the sudden pulled out a piece of paper that was folded up and handed one to me and Jane, Scott's business partners wife. As i unfolded it I had no idea what this paper was untill I looked a litter closer and saw he was taking us to WICKED!!!! ok for all of you who know me know that I love wicked it is the most amazing play in the world, and i can't even believe that he suprised me with that.

I seriously love Wicked and I have been telling Scott how much we need to go and see the play, and i can't believe that he kept this a secret for like 3 months!!! this was so much fun!!

oh seriously i have the best husband ever this was so much fun!!!! I love suprises and this was seriously one of the best suprises ever besides our honeymoon suprise. and i would tell all of you that you NEED to see this play it is AMAZING!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Representative Todd E. Kiser

Amy's father is a Utah State Representative and has just won his 4Th term for a total of 8 dedicated years to serve in the position. His responsibilities include serving as the Chair of the Transportation committee, sits on the Business and Labor Committee and Local Issues Task Force to name a few. Congratulations Dad we were up all night watching the vote come in.

Check out his sites.

It'S OfFiCiaL!!!!!

PROP 8 WON!!!! YEAH ALL OF OUR HARD WORK PAID OFF!!!! were so excited!!! and also my dad REP. TODD KISER, won his election too he passed like 59% to 41% and pro 8 passed like 54% to 43% or something like that i can't remember the exact numbers but they were somthing like that!!! YEAH!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Joseph's Funeral

We just got the pictures back from our little boys funeral. I thought i would post a picture. We will add more tonight or tomorrow. Thank you again to everyone for your prayers and for everything you did to help us and comfort us. Amy and I are doing great. We have refocused our emotions to help pass Prop 8 in Ca. We are doing it in memory of Little Joseph.


I Voted YES On Prop 8 In Califorina.

Scott Gneiting