Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Joseph

We just found out the design of Josephs headstone is done. I am SO excited its finally finished and i think it turned out great!!! Usually a person would only think of what would go on their own head stone or their spouses or maybe a parents. It was a little hard thinking of what to put on our babies. I never thought about it before. I knew I wanted it to say Families are Forever because I know Joseph will always be our baby, and big brother to his siblings. Scott and I wanted more then that but didn't know what to say. We were looking around at all of the things we got from family when Joseph passed away to try to find something. Scotts sister, who is an amazing artist, drew a picture of Josephs hand reaching up to christs. She put a poem and a scripture on it. The scripture was 2 Nephi 1:15 "I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love."

When Scott and I read that we knew that was what we wanted to put on his headstone. It is just so true. Joseph right now is encircled in the arms of Heavenly Father. It is so hard to have Joseph away from us but I feel so blessed that we have another little one on the way. I am going in on Friday to talk to the specialist and to schedule my appointment for surgery. I am hoping we can have the surgery Feb. 14 or the 15. I have a good feeling it will work out ok and that we will be welcoming a new little baby girl or boy in July or August!! We will keep you updated on when i will have the surgery and when the good old bed rest starts!! Keep us in your prayers.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shooting Anyone?!?

Scott works at the BEST firm ever. They always are doing so many fun things. The Turkey Shoot is every year in November. We just got these pictures back. Last year I didn't know how to hold the gun and got a massive bruise on my shoulder. I think I had it for a month or more. IT WAS HUGE. This year I was a little nervous to shoot but I had some good instruction and made it out with not even a sore shoulder. It was alot of Fun. Next year Scott and I plan on bringing our own guns and equipment...

Thanks HSNO that was alot of fun!! We can't wait for next year!! One side note Scott just beat me by a couple of points. I will have to say I am pretty good with a Shot Gun.

Monday, January 19, 2009

BaBy AcCeSsOrIeS

So I have been FREAKING out now that I am pregnant. I see all of this baby stuff and I get so excited!!! I love babies. My sister Marianne just had her little baby, and my sister Jane is maybe going into labor TODAY!! So I have been so exicted that I am expecting this little one!!! I have been so excited that I have been making all sorts of stuff!!! I got together with some of the cutest girls ever to have a sewing night!! We learned how to make burp clothes. Well because I'm so smart I bought the wrong thing and had to make shift my own kind of burp cloth. I also didn't wash it before hand and the white fabric shrinks ALOT... so we will see how it turns out. It is actually a gift for one special girl. wether she is having a boy or a girl she will get this 27 ply burp cloth.

Second we learned how to make hooded towels for babies. They were alot of fun. Luckly I did buy the right material to make these which I am so happy about. They turned out SO CUTE I can't wait to use them.

I love this monkey towel,more than the yellow towel. It took alot longer for me to make this too because I had to do some extra cutting and sewing to get the monkey on the hood. Thanks to Julieanne and Sister Kettley It turned out wonderful!!! I can't wait for our next sewing get together. We had a blast!! Plus I always love trying to make new things.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bed Rest Activities

Since I will be going on bed rest I have been trying to think of things I can do for 6 months.

I went over to my friends house a few weeks ago and they were busy hand stitching some stockings. Each stocking takes anywhere from 40-70 hours to make. They are so cute and it will be perfect while I'm on bed rest and can't do anything else. I went home and ordered 2 to start off with. When I'm almost finished those then I am going to order 2 more. One for Joseph and Billy. They are so cute and just came in the mail a couple of days ago I can't wait to get started!!!

This one is mine..

This is Scotts..As you can see they are very detailed and it is all done by hand!!! I can't wait to get started!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Wonderful Perks...

Truly wonderful parking spots.

All the food you possibly can eat, and anything you want because of all the CRAZY cravings!!

Sleeping all day long because being Pregnant takes all the energy out of you!!

Being able to be a Cranky and not getting in trouble because come on I have so many hormones going through my body right now!!

Bed Rest for 6 months!! think how relaxing that is no cleaning or cooking or doing laundry for six months!!

Finally getting to read Twlight!!

There are so many Wonderful Perks of being PREGNANT!!! Right now I am enjoying many of them!!

Yep Scott and I are pregnant. We are some where between 7-9 weeks

Yes I am showing a little bit already. We can't wait this little one will be born sometime in Aug. We go in for surgery in a few weeks. That will hopefully make it so that we carry this baby full term. Scott and I are so excited and can't wait!!! I know that Joseph is excited to have a brother or sister too!!

WE ARE JUST SO EXCITED!!! I can't believe that baby # 2 is already on its way!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

its Christmas time!

Scott and I had a wonderful Christmas!!! we had a blast. we had Scotts parents come and stay with us. It was alot of fun too bad Scott and his Dad got sick. We all got loaded with gifts!!

Scott got an Ipod tough. 32 GB which he had no idea he was getting!

Amy got a trunk from Crate and Berrel!!

Scotts parents got a 42 Inch vizio tv.

Santa also delivered a few other things but these were the main gifts. Christmas was a blast and we can't wait for next christmas!!! oh I also got the Twlight series from my sister Micaela. which was what I got from our secret partner party. While Scott got Seinfield season 1-3 from Melissa from out secret partner party. we had so much fun. One last thing Marianne and Greg welcomed their son Christian Silcox to the world December 28, 2008 6lbs 7oz. We are so excited for them I bet he is a total cutie!!