Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kiser Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas. Scott and I went up to Utah the weekend before Christmas for the annual Kiser Christmas Party. IT WAS A BLAST! These pictures are of the cousin party. Almost everyone was there the cousins missing are: Noah, Ben, Issy, and Joseph. We missed them all so much.Scott being a great uncle and blowing up toys for the kidsThis is Kathryns little girl Addie. She is so cute and loves the water!

Oh Justin words can not explain.

Jack is the cutest little guy, he is Natalies little boy. He always gives glares to everyone and i caught him with a normal face he is a cute kid.
Thanks mom for working so hard and for making this party so much fun for all of us. your awesome mom love ya!
We were at my Aunt Lori and uncle Pauls house using their awesome indoor pool and they have this rope in the middle of the pool that everyone was trying to climb up. Brooklyn loved swinging on it.
Grandpa giving Ella a dolphin ride. your awesome Grandpa.

Scott and Adam chillin by the side of the pool

This was alot of fun. The adults missing are Rob and Melissa they are in Japan and Marianne and Greg were off last min shopping for the party later that night.
Christmas was really fun and I'm really glad I got to go up and see my family for a couple of days families always make the holidays so much fun. I love my family and so greatful for all of them.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Houses!

We had a couple friends over last Thursday night to make Gingerbread Houses and watch the office. It was really fun. Sadly Janis and Tyler,one of the couples there, had to leave before we were all finished and before we thought about whipping out the camera so we didn't get a picturewith them in it or of their finished project :(. Here our Jeff, Camille, Scott, and my mad Gingerbread house making skills!! this was alot of fun.

oh it was such a big mess but totally worth it. we had frosting EVERYWHERE. Our dog billy was so happy we made these because he ate everything that fell on the floor,which was alot! This was seriously so much fun we will for sure do it next year.

This is Jeff and Camille's creation.

This is mine and Scott's creation.

We were going to choose who was the winner and made the best looking gingerbread house but how can you choose between these houses? So we tied for first place. This was a blast! MERRY CHRISTMAS

Monday, December 15, 2008

Creativity gone astray

For Christmas I decided that I would make stocking for everyone in my family, I talked all about them in an earlier post. One for Scott, Amy, Joseph, and Billy. Being the creative person that I am, ok I'm actually not creative at all but I do like to try, I decided to make billy a special bone stocking, seeing that he is a dog and dogs don't wear stockings. I thought making a bone would be much more suitable. I also wanted his to be a little bit different from the rest of the families since he is the dog.

I sat for hours sketching out the bone, made sure I sewed it straight, I also tried to make it look more crafty by sewing half of it white.
I finally finished after about an hour and a half of sketching, cutting, pinning, bleeding, and sewing. I was so excited and yelled down to Scott who was working to come up stairs and check out Billys stocking..... "It looks like a baby outfit." those were the first words out of his mouth . ARE YOU SERIOUS!!

what do you think it looks like? A cute baby outfit? Ugly baby outfit? Bone? Fabric sewn together creating...who knows what?

Back:I will have to say I agree with Scott on this one it looks like a baby outfit especially the back. So maybe my creativity wasn't at par this time but who knows what the future may bring :)

This stocking will now become a fun toy for billy to play with and destroy. As for myself I am going to sew him a regular stocking that will match everyone elses, even though he is a dog and doesn't wear stockings. Merry Christmas

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our perfect little man.

When Joseph was born this wonderful woman, I'm not sure what her name is, offered to make hand and feet prints of Joseph. She told us it usually takes between 6-8 weeks for them to become complete. She also told us they would be delivered to our Drs office. A couple of days ago I got a call from my Drs. office saying that Josephs feet and hand prints were done and waiting for us to come and pick them up. I was so excited to go pick them up and today I had time to do it. They turned out amazing!!! I am going to say we have the sweetest little guy out there. Were really sad that we wont be able to spend christmas with him in our arms but we know that he will be with us in spirit. He is our perfect little man.

I am so proud to be Josephs mom and Scott is so proud to be his dad. We love and miss our little guy and can't wait for the day to raise him. He is so precious.
I am so glad to know that families are forever and we are so gald that Joseph was sent to our family. I couldn't ask for a more perfect little man. I will have to say it has been hard as Josephs due date slowly sneaks up on us, he was supposed to be born December 28, 2008. What really helps me through these hard days is knowing that we are an eternal family. We miss our little Joseph but were glad for the time we spent with him and were so greatful for the woman who spent her time and efforts in making these feet prints for us. Merry Christmas everyone we love you and thank you for all of your support these past couple of months. One thing about Joseph is that he had my hands :). I think it is crazy that at such a young age you can tell what part of your child came from you and what came from your husband. I wanted to let everyone see how little his hands were in comparrison to his moms. When Scott and I were with him in the hospital we would hold his little hands and touch his little toes. Josephs whole hand fit over my index finger. He was so small and precious. I am go gald that we have these prints of his hands because that gives us something earthly that we can hold on to. Also the braclet that I am wearing is something that I always wear. The main charm is a heart with two smaller hearts in it. I like to think the big heart is Scott's, middle size is mine and the smallest one is Josephs. My sister Natalie gave me that braclet when she came down for his funeral. I love all the reminders I have of Joseph and I am really so greatful that we have a perfect child. we love you Joseph.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Stockings!

I have been loving my early Christmas present (sewing stuff). I have been like a mini Martha Stewart and it has been really fun. I have always wanted to make my own Christmas stockings so I have decied to just do it. I started making the stockings on sunday. I'm making one for Scott, Joseph and myself. Scott and Joseph's are finished but I am still working on mine. Actually I am not all the way finished with any of them because I want to put our names on each of them. Scott's is first, his is green with red, mine is red with green, and Josephs is red snowflakes. I think his turned out the best. I am not as pleased with how Scott's or mine turned out. I want them all to be perfect just like Joseph's.This one is Joseph's! I am very pleased at how it turned out. To me it looks like one you could have bought at the store. Nothing less then perfect for my little angel.

This is Scott's. I think it turned out really well but I am going to redo it only because I think it can be better but not to shaby for my fist one. I had a picture of mine up but it got deleted. I'm going to redo it anyways so i will post a picture of it redone!!!

This has been way fun. I am now a total fan of sewing!! Who would have ever guessed and it is really easy. I have never really done any sewing before. I have only made one other thing a queen size quilt for my cute niece Claire for a young womens project. Anyways I feel really proud I actally made something that looks really good on a sewing machine!! Yeah I love Christmas and making stuff!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!