Friday, November 13, 2009

Trent through the camera phone

oh man we just love our little guy.
he is getting so big and and happy. I am happy to say he is sleeping through the night
and is so content all the time.
we have such a wonderful boy.
I have some halloween pictures and some disneyland pictures i will post soon
it just takes so much more time to get the pictures
off the camera.
so here is trent through the lens of the camera phone :)

These 2 pictures amaze me. this picture was taken october 31.and this picture was taken just 1 week later. I can't believe how strong he got in just 1 week.
it is so crazy This pictures was taken when trent was about 1 month old . He has always been
a really strong baby and has been able to support his
head from almost day one.

I took this pictures today. I swear Billy loves trent so much
ray could care less for trent but billy always wants to be right there laying on trent
so far trent loves the dogs and watches them
when ever they start playing.

As for Trent when i took him in for his 2 month check up this is what we found out

Lenght: 100% off the charts. He is like 27 inches, as long as a 4 month old

weight: 75% 12 lbs

Head: 10%
so trent is this long heavy baby with a little head.
maybe that is why he can
hold his little head up :)
We love our little man, halloween pictures and disneyland
pictures to come soon. maybe??