Saturday, December 12, 2009

so cute!

OK I think this is so cute. Trent has learned to suck his thumb.
I have decided that I am ready to let him cry himself to sleep instead of me rocking him to sleep before naps and bed time. Trent happens to be a total Binky boy but when he spits it out while crying himself to sleep he can't grab it yet and put it back in his mouth, thus he has learned the art of sucking his thumb to calm himself down. I personally think it is so cute! I guess when the time comes we will have to break him of the habit but until then enjoy that thumb baby boy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 Blogs....Lots to update

I have now done 3 posts. WOW. I guess i have not updated in a while. Enjoy the sweet pictures and updates.

Welcome to the Zoo

Trents first trip to the Zoo
Trent, Kylie, and Megs fun trip to the Santa Ana Zoo.
Meg, Kylie, Trent
Meg and Trent are about 1 month apart Trent being the older of the two. My good friend Evaly was pregnant with little Meg and when Trent was born I just know that one day the 2 of them will get married. I want them to end up together so that
Trent can have some awesome in-laws :) Love you guys. This will be
a fun wedding to plan ;)

Wouldn't this just be perfect for their wedding video??? Seriously :). They are so cute together and I can't wait for them to both get a little older so that they can actually play together.

Disney Land anyone?

One of the wonderful advantages of living in California is that in Novemeber you can be wearing Shorts and a short sleeved shirt and walking around in Disney Land with beautiful blue skys. I just love that.
For those of you that REALLY know Scott and I, you know we LOVE Disneyland!!! that is where we went on our first date, Honeymoon, and just regular dates. So we decided it was time to take Trent.This trip was actually not his first tirp. His first trip to disneyland was when he was 1.5 weeks old. Scotts parents came down to visit us and took one day and played at disneyland so we decided to go and watch the firework show with them. Sitting on the hard ground for 2 hours waiting for the show to start was not the most comfortable thing to do but it was really fun.Any ways Trents first rides at Disney Land were, Pirates, which is my all time favorite, and the Haunted Massion, Decorated for Halloween and Christmas. I don't think he really Knew what was going on but it was fun for Scott and I. We were going to take him on Small World but it was closed down because they were decorating it for Christmas

Trent was all smiles and loved being at disneyland!

We sure do love this little guy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Halloween....

Happy Halloween!!So maybe we are a couple season behind. better late than never though.
So Trent was a Pumpkin for halloween and just charmed everyone who saw him.
we love our little guy and it was so much fun to share halloween
with him . We decided that we would go down to Balboa Island for dinner and to just walk around
and look at decorations. whilel we were walking we passed a candy
shop that was handing out salt water taffy, scotts favorite candy,
and so we stopped and loaded up,
one thing that i think is funny is that after we got some Trick or Treat
candy we then proceded into the store and
who does that?

WE love our little pumpkin and Halloween was so much fun with him
we can't wait for next year when he will
be walking and getting candy from everyone!
we hope everyone had a fun halloween. Thanksgiving post to come hopefully before the new year :)