Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby Update

Baby update, this little baby is doing so good!!! were now 28 1/2 weeks prego. Everything is going really really good! The baby is normal size and everything and doing just perfect. At our last ultrasound apt we found out that the baby is swimming in less then the normal amount of amniotic fluid so we have been going and doing this fetal monitoring. It is great we go twice a week and the people just listen to the heart and make sure the baby is liking its living quarters :) The cool thing is that I go to Hoag to do the monitoring and I just sit and look out the window at the harbor :) It is nice! So far the baby is loving where it is currently living :)
As for how I'm doing I'm super excited that we only have 8 more weeks until we get this stitch taken out and I'm free to do WHATEVER I want!! I can't wait. I have been enjoying watching Friends, scrap booking.... and Scott has been working on making our new little house a home!! It is looking so good so far :)!

One of the things he is doing is turning our back yard into a little Oaisis. He went to the gardening store to pick up some plants and has been digging up the dirt so that we could mix in the good dirt! While he was digging he found a little surprise. Under the dirt is lots and lots of Lava Rocks. So that has been a little set back but eventually it is going to be so amazing! I'll put pictures up when it is done!! also pictures of the house are coming soon!! WE LOVE OUR NEW PLACE IT IS AMAZING!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Smokin Hot Prom Date

My little Bro is so stiken cute and funny. He had Prom on Saturday night and decided to wear a Tux shirt...... and TIGHTS. Here he is dancing the night away his date looks like she had alot of fun!! Love you Justin Your one Smokin Hot Prom Date. You put all the other dudes out there to shame.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Scott and I have MOVED.....We didn't move far from where we were at before but we
upgarded!!! We went from a 2 bedroom town house to a 3 bedroom town house. I Love it!!! Also the thing about moving on bed rest is i did NO moving or lifting or any work what so ever, it was rather enjoyable:), Good thing for big strong husbands!! Scott was awesome and got us moved in
2.5 hours. Also a huge shout out for everyone who helped us move.
your all awesome!!!
Pictures of the new place coming soon!!! just after everything is unpacked and it looks nice :)