Monday, April 28, 2008

a summary of the secret honeymoon

As you know Scott was so stiken cute and sneaky, he suprised me with a honeymoon to Disney World flordia. it was so much fun!!! We had a Blast in Disney World, many of you know Scott and I are avid Disneyland goers we try to go atleast once a week. we had a 6 day park hopper pass and all you can eat food pretty much it was so much fun. we never were hungry except for sometimes in the middle of the night ;) i couldn't have asked for a better honey moon. the magical kingdom was magical, hollywood studios was so sweet, the roller coaster there is so amazing. The animal kingdom was amazing, they have this ride there called everist and it was the most amazing ride i have ever experienced. and epcot was alot of fun not my favorite but we were the V.I.P. people for the fire work show, that was pretty sweet. It is crazy because we were there for 6 days and we didn't even see everything but i am fine with that because duh i was with my husband on my honeymoon!!!! Disney World was amazing and i seriously couldn't have asked for anything better. oh yeah and we went to these sweet dinner shows they were amazing and so fun, we were even spot lighted as the best looking newly wed couple in the room ( and yes we might have only been the only newly wed couple in the room but that doesn't matter) i would suggest everyone go to Disney World at least once in their life but if you want to see everything you will have to go on like a month long vacation. I LOVE MY NEW HUSBAND AND I LOVE BEING MARRIED!!!

Our New Hobby

Scott and i are just a little bit tired of how expensive it is to fill up the car with gas, I really wish the gas prices would stop sky rocketing, any ways we decided that instead of spending all of our money on gas that we would use all of the money we got as wedding gifts to buy us some SUPER SWEET road bikes!!! we love them scott takes his bike to work instead of the car and i take my bike to and from the post office, bank, and UPS box, i have no life. we are loving it because we don't spend as much money on gas and we are getting our bodies into rock hard shape. so not only did we buy bikes we bought all the gear that come with it!!! the helmet, the shoes, the gloves, the padded shorts, and we are now saving to buy some cool shirts. we might get special shirts that say Bug Pro on them. ha ha ha ha. My bike is a Cervelo and all of you bikers out there know that i pretty much have the sweetest bike out there it weighs about 8 lbs, Not Bad :) Scott bike is a Scattante his bike only weighs like 6 lbs and it is bigger than mine! his is a carbon fiber frame which is super light and mine is aluminum, which is not as light, but i have the cool name brand so it makes up for the difference in weight :) we love biking and are wanting to do a triathalon sometime soon so if you see two smokin hot bikers going down the road most likly it is Scott and I.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ok so you might be wondering why we never reported after day 2 of our honeymoon. Well guess which of the following reasons is the why we did not continue updated during our honeymoon. 1.) We were just too busy ;). 2.) Somehow Amy unknowingly changed the user name and password of our blog and so it took us over a week to figure it out. 3.) We completely forgot about our blog. If you answered reasons 1, 2 and 3 you are correct. We were just way to busy, Amy somehow changed our username hahahahaha and we still can’t figure out how, and we just forgot.

Well things are going great more to come.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day Two

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day one of the the secret honeymoon

Ok so we have lots to say but we have lots more to do so if we find time we will blog and let you all in on our fun. Ok, so i was able to keep the secret for a long time. hahahah we got all the past the counter at the airport, through security, through an hour delay and on the plane half away accross the country just over Kansas before she turned to me and said "where are we going, this plane is not going to vagas!!!!" hahahahahah " I still cant belive it!!!!!! hahahaha. she held her ticket that said Orlando on it for hours and didnt notice. I thought she would figure it out at the counter at the airport but no... it took her like 2000 miles. just so you know a flight to vegas from our place is only like 45 min. Kansas is a little farther than vegas!!! Amy said "what can i say im a blond!!"

This has been so much fun!!!! more to come.